For Customer Centers

Efficient Passenger Interaction Solution

Tired of Endless Calls, Inquiries, and Complaints from Passengers? We’ve Got Your Back.

We understand the challenge – the never-ending influx of passenger queries and complaints can be overwhelming, especially when juggling numerous tasks and striving to meet stringent KPIs. At PaxHelper, we’ve heard this refrain from countless clients in the aviation industry.

That’s where our solution comes in. We’re here to revolutionize the way you handle passenger claims, turbocharging the process through the power of automation. With our innovative robotic assistance, the days of scouring 5 or 10 different sources for information about delayed or canceled flights are over. Our cutting-edge tool, PaxHelper, consolidates everything you need into one streamlined platform.

Your All-in-One Solution

We present a comprehensive tool designed to swiftly gather crucial details about disrupted flights – whether they’re delayed or canceled – all within a mere 30 seconds. PaxHelper equips you with essential information, including:

  • Compensation Eligibility: Instantly determine if compensation is applicable.
  • Jurisdiction Insights: Identify the relevant legal jurisdiction for accurate claims handling.
  • Airport Distance: Quickly calculate the distance between airports.
  • Weather Conditions: Access real-time weather insights for better decision-making.
  • METAR Information: Stay informed about meteorological conditions.
  • NOTAM Alerts: Receive important Notices to Airmen updates.
  • COVID Restrictions: Navigate through COVID-related regulations and restrictions.
  • Historical Data: Analyze past flight disruptions to inform your approach.
  • Strikes Awareness: Stay ahead of potential strikes and disruptions.

Respond Efficiently with Template Manager

After gathering this wealth of data, responding to passengers is a breeze. Our proprietary Template Manager streamlines the process, allowing you to craft timely and accurate responses in as little as 3 minutes.