For Claim Companies

Streamlining Passenger Claims

If the repetitive dance of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is causing not only finger discomfort but also undue frustration while crafting complaints for airlines, we have a solution that can transform your approach. For Claim Companies, we offer a dynamic tool that enables you to swiftly compile all necessary information about disrupted flights – whether delayed or canceled – in just 30 seconds.

Effortless Data Compilation ​

Our tool equips you with essential insights, encompassing:

  • Compensation Eligibility: Determine if compensation is applicable.
  • Jurisdiction Insights: Identify the relevant legal jurisdiction.
  • Airport Distance: Calculate the distance between airports.
  • Weather Conditions: Access real-time weather data for informed claims.
  • METAR Information: Stay updated on meteorological conditions.
  • NOTAM Alerts: Receive critical Notices to Airmen updates.
  • COVID Restrictions: Navigate through COVID-related regulations.
  • Strikes Awareness: Stay informed about potential disruptions.

Claim Submission Made Simple

In as little as 3 minutes, you can translate these insights into a comprehensive complaint submitted to the airline. Our proprietary Template Manager ensures your claims are impactful and concise.

Why PaxHelper for Claim Companies?

  • Time Efficiency: Expedite claims compilation and submission.
  • Precision: Craft well-informed, accurate complaints.
  • Enhanced Communication: Communicate essential details effortlessly.
  • Automated Solutions: Embrace cutting-edge technology for efficiency.
  • Simplicity in Complexity: Navigate intricate data with ease.

Our PaxHelper system empowers Claim Companies with a tool that transforms complexity into simplicity. By embracing automation and modern technology, you can redefine the standards for passenger claims management within your realm.

Join the PaxHelper Revolution

Are you ready to revolutionize your claim submission process? Reach out to us for a comprehensive demonstration of how PaxHelper aligns seamlessly with your operational goals. Together, we can set new benchmarks for efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

Feel free to connect with us for a deeper dive into our system’s features and advantages. Welcome to a future of streamlined, efficient, and precise claims management with PaxHelper.